Crochet Kit Contemporary Leopard Color Basket Bag DIY
Crochet Kit Basket Bags Do it Yourself
Mellow Leopard Basket Crochet Kit
Crochet Kit Basket Bags Do it Yourself
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Crochet kit Do it yourself Learn to Crochet
Crochet Kit Contemporary Basket Bag DIY

Mellow Leopard Basket Crochet Kit

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The classic basket bag in a new textile interpretation. Knit by you, it makes a chic carryall for all your essentials.

iota yarns are composed of cotton and polyester. Bright, beautiful and perfectly designed for you to crochet. iota kits are suitable for both expert knitters and beginners, but may not be suitable for first-timers.

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W: 33 cm, H: 22 cm, D: 10 cm
W: 13", H: 8.5", D: 4" 

The kit includes:

iota yarn skein
crochet hook
needle and thread
iota motif coin
knitting instructions
removable leather strap

*sizes may slightly vary as objects are hand made by you! :) 

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