Cacao Outdoor Swing
Cacao Outdoor Swing
Cacao Outdoor Swing
Cacao Outdoor Swing
Cacao Outdoor Swing

Cacao Outdoor Swing

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Seat and Hanger: Burmese teak wood  

Composition: hand-knit outdoor, UV protected Acrylic

Size: L 70 cm x W 30 cm (height can be adjusted)

*May vary up to 5% as objects are hand made

The iota outdoor swing is inspired by climbing plants and branches in the summer, when the weather is dry. The colors are inspired by a Scandinavian pallet, dunes and naked trees.  They aim to take the user to a wild, natural, fantastic place. The swings showcase much of our special knitted hand work. It contains over 90 hand knitted elements in different patterns, shapes and sizes. They are hand knitted one by one with signature yarns designed and produced exclusively by us from the best quality outdoor, UV protected Acrylic. The ropes and elements hanging from above hold up a Teak Wood slab.

Swinging will make you smile, for sure. It will connect you to your inner child and allow you to take a breath from day to day tension.

Our swings are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. They provide a fun and relaxing alternative for more formal seating and create endless happy situations.  

In addition to being a contemporary textile design studio, iota project is a social project. We employ women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them with work they can carry out from their homes. They are paid by fair trade with all social rights. An Outdoor Swing provides over 20 hours of work for our knitters.


The use of chemical cleaning materials and water may harm the product. Harder stains may be gently removed with a moist cloth.

Apply teak oil on seat surface once a year. 

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