Peach Blossom Swing
Peach Blossom Swing
Peach Blossom Swing
Peach Blossom Swing

Peach Blossom Swing

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Seat and Hangers: laminated beech plywood

Composition: hand-knit cotton & polyester

Size: L 70 cm x W 36 cm (height can be adjusted)

*May vary up to 5% as objects are hand made

iota swings take the user to a wild, natural, fantastic place. These swings work great in living rooms, spacious bedrooms or hotel lobbies and suites. They are an elegant yet bold choice for both modern-minimalist and boho interiors. Nearly 100 elements form the swing and are hand knit from bespoke yarn designed and produced exclusively by iota from the best quality cotton and polyester. The seat of the swing is made of laminated beech plywood.

In addition to being a contemporary design studio iota soft living is a social project that employs, teaches and empowers women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them work which they can carry out from their homes.

Maintenance - Remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner. The use of chemical cleaning materials may harm the product. Try to address stains before they dry, with a moist cloth.

Height – The swings are made for a ceiling height of 285cm / 112.21".
2 cabled swings can be adjusted manually 15cm / 5.9" higher or lower.
4 cabled swings are not adjustable and therefore need to be made by order of height.
We don't make longer swings but for ceilings higher than 285cm / 112.21" we provide 4mm cables.

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